Kitchen Update

Regardless of the reason or season, it is crucial to update the look of your kitchen often so that it always remains in style. If you need more budget to renovate your kitchen completely, you can make simple changes that give your kitchen an updated look. Look at these 8 easy kitchen updates that significantly impact your existing kitchen.

Add Window Coverings

As the window is the focal point, make sure to give your kitchen an updated look. If you pick the right window covering, this may be all you need to give your bare window a new look. Roller shades add a nice touch to any room and look fabulous, especially in the kitchen, where any softness is a wise addition. Covering your windows with bright fabric gives your kitchen a luxurious look without obstructing as much natural light.

Install Some Floating Shelf

The bottom to the top cabinets provide ample storage, but sometimes it can make the space feel heavy and closed off. If you have some empty wall space, consider installing a floating shelf to break the claustrophobic look. Put appealing items like plants, wall art or attractive kitchenware to make the appearance more pleasing to the eye. It costs less but drastically changes the feel of your kitchen by creating a more open layout.

Create Contrast Using Color

Most people generally choose white color for making kitchen space seem bigger. But if you already have a large area, adding a pop of color is an easy kitchen update.

Remember that contrast is significant, so if you see white everywhere in your kitchen, from the wall to a cabinet, buy something that adds color. For example, if you have a white island table, then highlight it by adding colorful bar stools. Besides working well as a contrast against the white table and cabinet, it updates your kitchen look by creating an eclectic look.

Change the Lighting

An easy kitchen update to instantly improve the kitchen’s appearance is to swap out your old-fashioned lighting with new on-trend lighting. Layering different types of lighting at another place illuminates working spaces and creates an inviting ambience. For maximum impact, choose recessed lighting for the ceiling, stunning pendants over an island, and led strip light under your upper cabinet.

Read also “your guide to kitchen light” if you don’t know how to plan and choose your kitchen lighting.

Organize Your Kitchen

The look of your kitchen can be changed automatically if you organize every item well. It would be best to rearrange the things you already have in your kitchen. Any item that is pretty displayed on a floating shelf. Store the heavy and less appealing items in cabinet drawers. And coral small things in a serving tray to clear up the countertop.

Storage organizers like pull-out shelves, baskets, and racks update the kitchen look stylishly. There is something effective about this kitchen update because it creates a clean look and makes the space more convenient.

Layer in Texture

Another change that can give your plain kitchen a different look and break up the solid kitchen color is adding some texture. Installing a removable patterned backsplash is an easy way to add texture to your kitchen on a low budget.

You can add a rug in a similar pattern or color to create a seamless look. You can see in this image how a touch of texture in a backsplash and carpet transforms the kitchen space from ok to excellent. Another benefit is that you can easily swap them for a new look whenever you like.

Give your Kitchen an Aesthetic Update

Every big or small kitchen has some space for creating a breakfast nook. Think about purchasing a small dining table set for your kitchen. But, if you already have a dining table, then update its look so that it impacts the whole kitchen. Add bright throw pillows, a centerpiece like a fruit bowl, or an elegant light fixture to give your breakfast place some style. A minor kitchen update like this creates a cozier space and can make a visual delight even in your awkward corner.

Add Natural Touches

If you want to update the look of your kitchen, adding a touch of nature is a quick option compared to others. The plant is a worthwhile addition that can subtly enhance the look and feel of your kitchen space. You can place it on a windowsill, countertop, an exposed shelf or the tops of your cabinets. The addition of plants will look lovely, and there will be health benefits too. For a relaxed look, put them in a pot or planter. This small kitchen update will make a refreshing change in your space.


Whether a kitchen space is your own or rented, you want it to look and feel good rather than outdated. If you are feeling uninspired with the look of your kitchen, then it may be time to do some updates. From swapping old lighting fixtures to organizing space, these kitchen updates will make your room more pleasing and accurate.

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