Transforming Furniture with a Fresh Look – Reupholstery Of Your Reclining Sofa

Most people keep changing their furniture just to upgrade the look of their house. Well, if you’re also planning the same, have you ever thought to recycling your furniture? Yes, you heard that right. Recycling the furniture. This process can be one of the most joyful activities to do. You can customize the look of your furnitures according to your needs and choices. Today, there are so many company on the market that provide various services to customize furniture. The process of recycling the old furniture is known as reupholstery. You can reupholster solid sofa with the help of a slip cover. However, reupholstering of a reclining sofa includes more elaborate steps, such as disassembly The process is quite simple. You just need good-quality tools and enough time to reupholster your reclining sofa. Moving forward, we’re going to talk about the main steps to do the same.

Table of Contents

Disassemble Your Sofa

We all know that most sofa sets come with bolts and screws on them, which help attach different materials and things to them. If your sofa set also has bolts and screws on it, you should disassemble them before moving forward with the process. To disassemble the bolts and screws, you may need some of these important tools.

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Upholstery glue
  • Hammer
  • Stapler
  • Chalk
  • Seam ripper
  • Upholstery thread (optional)

Turn Over Every Piece

Properly check whether you can find a fabric or batting covering the underside of the sofa’s pieces. If you see any of these , use the nail remover of your hammer to take away the nails or staples.

Pull Off The Fabric Pieces

While pulling off the fabric pieces, make sure that  there are no major tears. In case you are unable to easily take off the fabric, use the nail remover located at the rear side of your hammer. This will help you pull out the staples or nails while holding the fabric securely in place.

Mark Every Piece

It is very important that you mark every piece after taking it off. This helps you understand where to attach the material back to the sofa. You can use chalk for marking purposes. Ensure that the marking is done where the pieces are located on the sofa, and also mark in an appropriate order.

Disassemble The Pieces Of Seam

As stated earlier, always use high-quality tools to do such tasks. You should use a good-quality seam ripper to disassemble the pieces from the seams. While doing this, make sure that you don’t tear the fabric unnecessarily. Use chalk again to mark the point of attachment of every piece for the reupholstery.

Place The Old Fabric Atop The New

Next, you have to put the old fabric on the new one. Put them on pin board and  pin together the two pieces. Trace the outline of the old fabric into the new. Use sharp sewing scissors to cut out every piece properly.

Get Rid Of The Old Padding

After cutting all the pieces, you should take the old padding off the couch frame. Once this is done, trace the shapes into the new padding. The padding is typically attached lightly to the wood frame with glue. You can easily pull it up and take off any pieces of foam sticking to the frame of the couch.

Use Adhesive

After you have taken off the old padding, spray some upholstery adhesive onto the rear sides of your new padding. Attach the sides to the wooden couch frame and secure them in place.

Sew And Pin The Fabric Pieces

You can perform the sewing by following the reupholstery instructions. Double stitch to the fabric seams. If you wish to get more thread, use upholstery thread.

Put the fabric on the frames and padding.

Lastly, place the fabric over the frames and the padding. The use of new padding could possibly make the fabric appear smaller on the sofa pieces. You may simply stretch the fabric and staple it to the frame while ensuring that the new fabric is stretched as much as the old one. Once this is done, you can again assemble your sofa.

It is easier to do the reupholstering of smaller seats or furniture sets. For larger sets, you might like to get assistance from professionals in order to ensure a safer and better job. These were some basic steps to reupholster the sofa. If you found the post helpful, keep visiting our website to get more posts like this.