Canvas Awnings for Providing Ample Shades During Summer

Placing an awning on your window is beneficial in several ways. It not only keeps the sunlight form entering your room directly and heating up the place but also protects the furniture and the upholstery from the direct effects of sunlight. Also, the immediate shade that awnings provide to windows minimizes the use of energy within the house to keep it cool. There are several types of awnings that you are likely to come across in the market that are made of different materials as well. The bright colors that they come in, can help you in choosing the right one that will complement the décor and the color of your outer facade.

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The basic types and operations

The two basic varieties of the awnings are the fixed and the convertible awnings that can be set against your windows depending on the conditions that they have to weather. The canvas awnings that are fixed can be either the regular slanted shade providers of the canopy awnings that are more common in commercial establishments.

• The most common and the versatile in the range is the convertible awning that is suited for both ground floors as well as upper floor windows. They come with the optional hood that protects the fabric on the roller when the awning is retracted.
• The pivot arm awnings can be operated either from outside the building or even internally. The operation can be done with the help of a cord, a rope, a crank or you can even opt to make it motorized.
• The heavy gear operated pivot awning are suitable for the high wind speed areas where you window needs the appropriate protection. You can couple them with the sun and wind sensors for better efficiency.
• The spring operated window awnings are appropriate for places where the awning needs to be as close as possible to the windows due to narrow and constrained walkways. The top roller is fitted with the spring and the guard rails flush against the wall with arms that stand out. They are adjusted by guiding the arms.

The minimalistic style

The other type of canvas awning that is increasingly become popular is the straight drop type. The style is more in keeping with the minimalistic straight line approach and allows you to keep it on any time of the year. The easy pull up and the pull down gives protection from the sun and the UV rays in summer and the cold winds and the rain in winter. The operation of these awnings can be both springs controlled or motorized.

The size fit

Since windows do not come in any standard sizes, the awnings that you need for them have to be bought so that they are able to provide the right kind of shade and comfort. Depending on the extent to which you wish to cover your window you can opt for the three sided covering that drop down.

• The visor type of canvas awnings are more suitable for the over-sized windows and are easy to install as well.
• In case you want to go in for a more classical and showy look you can pot for the convex shapes with the waterfall effect valence.
• Instead of the convex top you can also opt for the waterfall type of design with the flat top and the cascading fall of the valence for a good shade as well as a bright look to the exterior.

While you buy retractable or folding arm awnings, you must remember that, the latest in the range is of course the retractable window awning that are suited for large windows. Their heavy duty frame also allows for the angle adjustments for the complete control on the type of shade that you want on your window.

The time is running out! Think about canvas awnings and get ample shades during the summer for your home outside.


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